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5 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

By August 12, 2014March 7th, 2019Nutrition



1)      White Bread. From a nutritional standpoint, white bread is nothing more than a filler. Bleached, enriched, and highly processed, there isn’t much left but a simple carbohydrate that’s ready to spike your blood sugar and cause you to store fat.

2)      Margarine. Okay, wasn’t this touted as a healthy alternative to butter? Problem is, trans fats are far worse than any natural saturated fats you might find in butter. Many processed foods use margarine as a key ingredient so beware.

3)      Artificial Sweeteners. Designing a food that tricks your body into thinking its sweet may seem like a good replacement for sugar but in reality it just makes the problem worse. These false sweeteners can still have a negative effect on blood sugar levels and cause you to crave more sweets. And on top of that, some are loaded with chemicals that may cause brain damage.

4)      Soy. Unless you’re consuming organic soy that’s in its natural state, you’re probably better off avoiding this food. Much of the soy used today is genetically modified and chemical laden. Processed soy can have negative effects on natural hormone levels and cause a myriad of problems.

5)      Low-Fat Yogurts. Many low-fat yogurts are nothing more than whipped fruit syrup and are very high in sugar. In addition, many contain filler ingredients and chemical additives. If you can’t live without yogurt, you’re better off with a natural full-fat or Greek style yogurt.