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Clean Up your Diet

By April 10, 2019July 10th, 2019Nutrition

With spring finally here, it’s time to give your diet a thorough cleaning. Changing the types of foods you eat on a seasonal basis can help your body rid toxins and absorb more nutrients – giving you that fresh new feeling just in time for spring weather.

The first step is getting rid of ‘dirty’ foods. This includes most processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods and drinks, foods containing enriched flour, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. Non-organic foods also contain chemicals that can slowly poison the body and put added stress on the liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. These foods slowly contaminate the body by causing inflammation, digestive problems, inadequate detox, weight gain, dehydration, and lack of energy.

Once you throw out the dirty foods, you’ll have room for the ‘clean’ replacements. Eating more of these foods will actually aid in your body’s natural cleansing processes. These clean foods include raw vegetables, fresh fruits, omega-3 fats, green tea, and filtered water. Organic foods give your body valuable nutrients without the unwanted chemical additives.

By eating more raw vegetables and fresh fruits you are increasing your fiber and phytonutrient intake. Fiber will capture toxic particles in the body and improve bowel movements. Other foods like lemons, spinach, and olive oil will help to support a neutral pH balance. Maintaining a neutral pH will help minimize many problems that exist in an acidic body, such as the growth of bacteria and fungus which could lead to allergies, fatigue, and even obesity.

Increasing your water intake will help flush your system and accelerate fat loss and toxin elimination. A general rule is to drink mostly pure filtered water, but adding a slice of fruit or a squeeze of lemon juice is fine too as it adds a bit of flavor and may help you drink more water throughout the day.

So start supporting your body’s ability to absorb the good while excreting the bad, increasing your chances of staying clean and healthy.