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Give the Gift of Fitness

By December 21, 2014March 7th, 2019Exercise


If you’re looking for any last minute gift ideas, don’t forget the gift of fitness. Here are some great ideas for the fitness inclined, or as a hint for anyone you’d like to see become more active.

Now keep in mind, there are lots of gimmicky fitness gifts out there, but these gifts will help anyone get the most out of their workouts.

Workout shoes. A properly fitted pair of shoes that are specific to the task at hand are a must if you want to excel at your particular sport. If you’re a runner, make sure you buy running shoes specific to your gait and cushioning needs. For strength training, a minimalist style shoe that makes your foot work more naturally might be a better option. Every activity or sport has an ideal shoe type that goes along with it. If you have questions on shoe styles, a gift certificate to a shoe store specializing in fitting the right shoe type to a specific body and sport may be the way to go. Check out Merrell’s Shoe Styles

Mobility tools. Everyone wants to feel good while they move. Back tightness, knee pain, and overall stiffness can often be lessened or alleviated with proper stretching and activation of weak muscles. A simple tool that we use with our clients to improve mobility is a foam roller. Nothing more than a dense cylinder 6” in diameter and 36” long, this tool gives you an ideal surface to apply pressure against tight muscles, allowing that muscle to relax back into proper muscle tone. Once your body is moving properly, you can perform at your best – both in and out of the gym. Check out this Foam Roller from Perform Better

Workout gloves. No one wants torn and calloused hands due to gripping dumbbells and barbells or hanging from a pull up bar. Workout gloves protect your hands and may even aid in grip strength. Lightweight gloves with moisture wicking properties are the way to go. Think of it as a second skin that cushions and protects the hands, so you can focus on more important things. Check out Bionic’s Line of Gloves

A water bottle and shaker bottle. A good water bottle will help you drink more water during your workouts, and staying properly hydrated could improve your health and performance. Choose a bottle that works for you but remember to go BPA free and find one that is easy to clean. In addition, a good shaker bottle is always a staple item to keep in your gym bag. Just pack it with a scoop of protein powder, add water, and shake it up for a simple post-workout snack that aids in recovery. Check out Blender Bottle’s Line of Products

Workout tracking tools. Everyone loves to see how hard they exercise – it’s not only a pat on the back, but sometimes a necessary part of learning your limitations. Tools like heart rate monitors, GPS, activity tracking devices, and nutrition aps spell it all out for you and give you a snapshot of your effots. This is great for keeping records or as a reference on how hard you must work to continue seeing results. Check out Garmin’s Wearable Technology

So from the tried and true to the latest fitness gadgets, these gift ideas are sure to get used as long as they are given the opportunity. Just remember to buy one for yourself as well!