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Yoga Classes

Yoga is a practice of exercise involving the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Practicing yoga has several benefits including increased flexibility, improved muscle tone, increased muscle density, increased muscular strength, weight loss, improved mobility and range of motion, an improved metabolic rate, stress reduction and management, relaxation of the body and mind, sharper mental clarity, improved sleep…

Seriously, there are too many health benefits to list!

With the many styles of yoga, you could literally choose an aggressive workout where you leave feeling physically exhausted, or you could choose a class that allows you to focus on relaxing breaths and slow stretches where you leave feeling energized, and anything in-between.

Our Power Yoga is more of a fast-paced Yoga which will leave you feeling similar to a total body strength training workout. By using your own body weight, you’ll burn out your arms, legs, and core and feel muscle exhaustion. You’ll leave the class feeling stronger, tighter, and empowered!

Try our Vinyasa Yoga for practicing breath with movement. This style will have you holding poses and combining them with distinct breaths. This class is great for relaxation, as it gives you plenty of time in each pose to really feel your pose while you practice your breathing. Expect a reduction in overall stress, and an increase in flexibility, stability, overall strength, and muscle tone as well!

As it sounds, our Deep Stretch focuses on improving overall flexibiliy, especially the legs, hips, and back. Much of our lifestyles involve too much sitting – in front of the computer, on the couch, or behind the steering wheel. By countering this with deep stretches, we regain our mobility, energy flow, and overall vitality. You will leave this class energized and feeling lighter on your feet!

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Our yoga classes in Schaumburg are designed for all fitness levels and are taught by Trung Pham.

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